Dairy Enterprise Project

Short description

This project will support single Mothers, orphans and vulnerable youths through actively involving them in commercial breeding of cows to produce raw milk in commercial quantities for both home consumption and income generation.

The problem we aim to solve

Malnutrition among OVYs and single mothers is high due to the high levels of poverty in Kiryandongo District and this has been due to the effect of HIV and AIDS disease that has left most of the mothers as widows and children as orphans with little or no support. Through dairy farming project, the OVYs and Mothers will be able to consume the products produced by the cows for their health and also have a constant income generating activity that can easily improve their livelihood.

Our solution

Dairy Enterprise project shall be launched in order to increase farm productivity and reduce poverty for a population of over 1000 single mothers and 1000 OVYs in Kiryandongo District. This project will focus on ensuring that women and youth who are OVYs become active participants in the value chain so as to improve dairy farm productivity, commercial milk quality, support proactive dairy sector regulation and improve household nutrition. The Dairy Enterprise project will also help in playing an important role in providing food out of animal products such as meat, and milk products that include Ghee, Yogurt for the single mothers and OVYs including the rural communities. Dairy production and processing will also provide employment, not only to people who will be working on dairy farms, but also to the whole sector. This will help in improving peoples quality of live and also contribute to the country’s economic development.

The innovativeness of our approach

Dairy production is a vital part of the global food system and it plays a key role in the sustainability of rural areas in particular. This will help the people in the rural areas live a better life compared to other farm yields such as maize, sweet potatoes, cassava, millet or sorghum, since it is not seasonal and has ready market in both rural and urban areas and can also provide nutritious food to the single mothers and OVYs throughout the year.

Technologies and Methods

This project aims at having milking machines, individual cow sensors, automated calf feeders and inline parlor technologies that can help in increasing the milk output efficiently and effectively. We also propose to create a project website that can help to advertise our products to different customers in the community, entire country and the world at large and this will provide ready market which will boost production and also increase income for advancing the enterprise to a higher level.

Potential Partners

Potential partners are Questlink Orpahange Uganda, Dairy Development Authority and Kiryandongo District Local Government.


Das Voting endet am 24. Juni 2018, 23:59 Uhr.

Dairy Enterprise Project

Team: Alex Mugisha

Jasper Kimeze

Sam Asiimwe

Herbert Byamukama

Noah Karugaba

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