Cassava Mealie Meal

Cassava Mealie Meal

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Short description

Cassave is easy to cultivate and contains valuable nutrients.

Which problem do I/we aim to solve ? and why?

Over dependence on Zambia ‘s staple food – Maize. To help people realise that cassava can give the same supplements like maize and that it is less expensive to cultivate compared to maize.

My/Our idea for a solution

In Zambia maize meal is considered to be the main staple food. But for poor growing maize or even buying a bag of Mealie meal is not easy.
Hence if cassava was also to be grown on a large scale it can help lessen poverty because it does not need fertilizers which are very expensive to buy.

Why is my/our solution an innovative idea and tackles the challenge from a new

Because the Mealie meal produced will be a supplement to maize meal.

How is my/our idea feasible?

My idea is practical because many people will benefit from the cassava in that it has a high nutritive value. As it is rich in dietary fibre, B-complex, and young leaves contain vitamin K.

Which methods and channels do I/we want to utilise?

Sensitization and information programs through the use of radios, phone and educational programs.

What’s my/our expected outcome and improvement?

To cooperate with a milling company that will be producing cassava meal on a large scale whereby it will be put in packages like maize meal.

What's my/our budget and which partners I/we would expect to be valuable

Start up and grinding machines an estimated cost of K20,000 will be needed.

Cassava Mealie Meal

Team: Margaret  Chiketo

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