A Fight against Hidden Hunger, Yes We Can

Short description

Pain is for real, if not dealt with it becomes a baggage that weights you down and makes you lose hope. It comes from different sources: from hopes and dreams  being shattered, from mistakes made, relationships broken and a hard life.

Which problem do I/we aim to solve ? and why?

MALNUTRITION – In Choma district just like other districts in Zambia, many children under the age of 5 suffer from malnutrition due to insufficiently balanced diets and due to the fact that many people live in poverty.
The reason I am aiming to solve malnutrition is because i cant stand it seeing the helpless children suffering when actually Malnutrition can be prevented and treated.

My/Our idea for a solution

my solution will be by opening nutritional programs in selected community schools and clinics that will be helping in educating the targeted people. involve the youths by empowering them with computer lessons and then they help in educating the community. By donating chlorine and buckets in clinics and community schools in order to facilitate clean drinking water. often have hygiene and balanced diet talks with community members .

Why is my/our solution an innovative idea and tackles the challenge from a new

My approach is unique and dynamic, it will help the youths to be independent with the skills that they get and will give back to their own community, so it will be a continuous process and thus it will keep on helping not only the youths but also the children that are affected by malnutrition. it involves all the community members.

How is my/our idea feasible?

By attracting the youths through computer lessons and nutrition knowledge and them helping in empowering the community members about malnutrition. When the partnership with clinics succeeds, it means that the health personals at the clinic will be helping in empowering the youths and community members on nutrition, too.

Which methods and channels do I/we want to utilise?

Community Radio stations

Local Clinics, Posters and

Community schools

What’s my/our expected outcome and improvement?

The outcome I am expecting is seeing a reduction in malnutrition cases and community members after learning they will adapt new stands as in the water they drink and the type of diet they eat. Another outcome I am expecting is that the youths will get skills that will help them earning money and a living by themselves.

What's my/our budget and which partners I/we would expect to be valuable

Est. budget. 70,000 ZMW

Partners= Clinics, Community Schools, Choma Trades, Local NGOs, Radio stations


A Fight against Hidden Hunger, Yes We Can

Team: Richard Malambo

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