New media

The initiative Students4Kids would primarily like to explore, test, use and extend the special opportunities offered by the digital world/communication in order to contribute to a health-promoting way of life and to the maintenance of its preconditions. Also, Students4Kids asks how information about regional products and the enthusiasm for digital video contributions can be passed on in such an inspiring way that a wide circle of interested persons can permanently be invited to keep to a well-balanced diet.

Students4Kids is committed to the inspiration of creative digital communication and to the responsible interaction between different age groups. Almost anyone can or can become a digital creator of ideas in order to generate social commitment or to initiate research. Each age group maintains its specific communication rituals using signs and symbols of their own. The smaller the age difference, the easier it will be for them to communicate with each other in their specific manner and to help each other.

Creative ideas and good solution approaches are based on two fundamental pillars: careful research and the individual capability for being creative. Today’s digital society offers numerous opportunities for knowledge reception. Recommended reads published on the websites,, the brochure of the preceding project “Teens4Kids“ and the digital F.A.Z. subscription serve as excellent platforms of knowledge for those who want to find their way into the subject. The “virtual camp“ of the competition is intended to enable the international exchange between participants without place or time constraints, in order to meet the global challenge in the framework of this competition.

The use of the new media is an indispensable tool for the development of ideas. Using digital media, the subject, i.e. micronutrient deficiency and its prevention can be examined and represented in many of its facets. Whether apps, videos, songs, games, websites or fan pages – any digital result can be sent out to the world via smartphone and Internet and ensure  the responsible interaction between all participants.