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Every five seconds, a child dies of starvation. Calorie deficiency still remains an important reason for this fact. Even more frequently, though, essential micronutrients are missing such as vitamins, trace elements, and mineral nutrients. Since in the meantime, some 2 billion people are suffering from hunger, innovative ideas are required in order to be able to confront that global challenge.
In the international student competition "Students4Kids - Together against Hidden Hunger" organised by the Assmann Foundation for Prevention in cooperation with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, we are looking for creative approaches to overcome malnutrition in Ivory Coast - one of the most strongly affected countries in West Africa.
The best idea will be awarded aid money in the amount of € 10,000.

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Hidden hunger can be described as the permanent deficiency of vital micronutrients. Deficiency of micronutrients does not depend on the calorie intake and cannot be assigned to unambiguous external symptoms over an extended period of time thus remaining hidden.
Especially children suffer the most:

If, for example, the supply with micronutrients such as iron, iodium, zinc or vitamin A is insufficient during the first 1,000 days following insemination, both the physical and mental development will be affected in an almost irreversible way and the risk of contracting chronic diseases will remain high for a lifetime and will even be passed on to the offspring.

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We are looking for companies that want to participate in the fight against hidden hunger. Become part of our initiative and help us make a difference in Ivory Coast.

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“If we succeed in confronting hidden hunger in its regionally specific manifestation through intelligent, preventive solution approaches, we could hopefully save human lives and sustainably improve development opportunities.”


Prof. em. Dr. med. Gerd Assmann, FRCP
Chairman of the Board of Assmann-Stiftung für Prävention

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